What bankruptcy, PM asks, if M'sians still travelling abroad

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak has dismissed talk of the country going bankrupt as Malaysians travel overseas a lot.

“I have just fulfilled my umrah duties. What’s interesting is that every time I go to the mosque, there will definitely be Malaysians around.

“I will surely bump into Malaysians or they will take pictures from far away, or take videos.

“I was also told by friends who were in London on vacation that they will definitely meet Malaysians on Oxford Street.

“So that means, how can we say that this country is a bankrupt country or a failed state?” Najib said in his speech during the monthly Prime Minister’s Department meeting in Putrajaya today.

A video of his speech was posted on the Prime Minister’s Office Facebook page.

Najib also pointed out that Malaysia would not be where it is today without the contributions of the civil servants, and reminded them that this would be an important year.

“This is the year we will all make certain choices to decide on our future together,” he said.

For Malaysia to reach greater heights, Najib added, it would depend not only on its leaders, but also its civil service, which can run the country’s administration efficiently and with integrity.

The prime minister also stated that civil servants play an important role to convey what the government wants to do to the rakyat.

However, if they were to act lackadaisical and add to problems instead of finding solutions, he said, the government would certainly fail to meet the expectations of the rakyat.



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