Tapping into virtual events platform

ASET KAYAMAS SDN BHD is defying all conventional exhibitions with its revolutionary online exposition platform called eAset.

Eliminating the hassle of traffic jams, lack of parking spaces and being sandwiched between people, Malaysians can now shop in the comfort of their own home, or anywhere quite literally.

Lauded as the first online expo platform in Malaysia, eAset is a new approach to selling and promoting products and services to the public virtually.

The advancement of technology and easy access to Internet have spurred the idea for eAset, said Aset Kayamas executive director and eAset director Michael Chai at the launch.

For its first expo which takes place today, Aset Kayamas is collaborating with Sin Chew Media Corporation Bhd to offer Malaysians eAset Sin Chew Online Travel Expo, where local travel agencies gather to promote over 10,000 travel packages for four days.

“It has all the features of a normal conventional expo, but it is not bound by space as it is virtually limitless.

“There are no limits to how many visitors can access the site, which directly boosts online views for our exhibitors’ products and services.

“e-Expo is accessible anytime, anywhere, and this eliminates the hassle of having to travel far to find the best travel package for your family during travel fairs,” Chai pointed out.

Unlike conventional exhibitions that only open 10am to 10pm daily, this e-Expo extends its operations for 96 hours straight, allowing customers to discuss, compare and decide with family members and friends.

“Convenience is key, and they don’t have to endure jostling crowds, or wait for a sales rep to attend to them.

“There is also a 24-hour live chat service on our eAset platform where one customer service representative can attend up to 10 customers at once,” Chai explained.

e-Expo merchants will stand to benefit from this too as they do not have to spend extra time, manpower and cost to set up the booths, and prepare advertisement and marketing collaterals, and only facilitate customer’s inquiries through live chat which increases the chance of garnering more sales.

For payment method, Chai said eAset would manage all transactions from the customers before transferring them to the merchant’s account.

Merchants who are interested to participate in future e-Expos need not worry about the exposure to customers as Chai assured that 80% of the merchant package fee will be spent on advertising and promotions to create awareness.

“For the travel expo, we have engaged social media influencers namely local comedian and actor Zizan Razak and radio deejay Joe Chang.

“We advertised on social media and news websites as well as on billboards along high-traffic highways, while conducting roadshows at major malls,” he said.

The eAset Sin Chew Online Travel Expo is taking place from now until Oct 1.

Visitors who have signed up and spent on packages stand a chance to win cash rebates worth a total of RM1mil, which can be used for purchasing other packages.

The e-Expo is expected to attract 18 million impressions or views with targeted sales of over RM50mil.

Chai also shared their 2018 plans, including the Tech e-Expo and Baby e-Expo, in addition to Travel e-Expo.

“Other than the tie-up with Sin Chew, we plan to have similar collaborations with The Star and Nanyang Siang Pau.

“In 2019, we aim to bring eAset to the rest of Southeast Asia, making it the first and largest e-Expo in the region,” he concluded.

To check out attractive travel packages, visit www.easet.com.my



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